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Create your own online surveys and bulletin boards!

SurveyBasket is South Africa's leading online market research tool. We empower you to create and design your very own online surveys, bulletin boards and polls...which you can then display in an easy-to-use format. The best part about us - we offer you the latest online survey software at a fraction of the price. In fact, you can even use SurveyBasket for free!

Here's what in our basket at the moment:
Online surveys
  Online surveys are the perfect way to understand your target market. Quick and easy to set up, cost-effective and fully customisable, SurveyBasket online surveys are the answer to achieving your business objectives gaining insight into your customers' minds.

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Bulletin boards
  Relatively new to the South African online research front, bulletin boards are an essential tool for any business. Bulletin boards a form of online focus groups, but have combined elements of both qualitative and quantitative research. Their biggest advantage is the ability for respondents to provide rich, anonymous data...when they choose.

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